Company Profile, Creating Blue Avocado

Our company was birthed through the collaborative design skill of the two founders. United as Blue Avocado through a passion for sound reproduction, the collaboration of architectural and industrial design is our unique specialty.

With some goals established in 2001,
the company began momentum and has, to date achieved all of our original goals:

  • To produce revolutionary loud speakers.
  • Showcase novel materials, and incorporate an eclectic mix of architectural and industrial design elements.
  • Produce attention grabbing sound quality.
  • Develop unique manufactuing techniques for unprecidented quality.
  • Blue Avocado's expanding range of speakers, is for discerning buyers who insist on unique appearance and excellent sound. Our speaker's thrive with novel materials, contemporary design and audiophile sound quality at a lower price than our competitors. We are able to achieve this through an innovative design approach. Ongoing research and development enables the evolution of custom tooling and processes to create seamless operation from raw materials to lounge room listening.

    Working with consultants and industry professionals our speakers incorporate the latest in sound reproduction theory and practices. Implementing these elements more efficiently and attractively, whilst taking a new sophisticated approach to the creation of a speaker formulate Blue Avocado's audacious reputation.


    "Blue avocado has taken a fresh look at the design and materials of high fidelity loudspeakers. They have created influential aesthetics and beautiful sound reproduction." boris madigan - audio insallation consultant


    "I'm acustomed to hearing a live orchestra, and the oracle was the only speakers I could find that would accurately reproduce such an experience, the oracle has a stunning dynamic range. I also love the fact that they are Australian designed and manufactured, using state of the art Danish drivers." Toby Armitage - musician(clarinet/saxaphone)

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