The Oracle
Highly refined, Modern design, with an eclectic use of modern materials and textures, this speaker is a design statement. The main Enclosure is based on an acoustically dead concrete based chamber, and set into the 21st century with anodized aluminium and state of the art sound reproduction technologies. Blue Avocado's flagship speaker must be seen and heard to be believed.

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The ShelfOcado
When the shelfocado prototype was wired up and pumped with music, it blew us away... Finally, a bookshelf speaker that looks great, and has a soundstage that outperforms most floorstanding speakers. The ShelfOcado is made from a unique combination of merbau timber, plate steel and precision machined aluminium, an innovative creation process has made this loudspeaker an icon. Unique, elgant, and sounds like its should.

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The Ellerberg.
A simple and practical design, aesthetically grabbing as a real timber alternative. This speaker boasts a full sound that will make any music sound spectacular at an affordable price. A full and expressive sound stage opens up though this 3 way speaker design.

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The Subocado
love tight powerful bass line?
Nothing matches the size and presence achieved by a subwoofer, and with this product, Blue Avocado have produced here is something really special

The subocado has a musical quality unmatched by its competitors - why you may ask?, thats simple, its uber powerful, with a big extra long stroke 12 inch driver. and most importantly, it's housed in a 50mm thick concrete based enclosure for rigidity and sound insulation that just can't be reached by our competitors.

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